Jsohua G.

Emergency Guide To Getting Rid Of Evidence: 1) FOR GETTING RID OF THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU ATE SOMEONE ELSES FOOD. A. Pretend your dog ate it. B. Pretend it never existed. C. Just hide in a corner until they forget about it. 2) FOR GETTING RID OF EVIDENCE THAT YOU KILLED SOMETHING. A. Bury it! Dirt covers all, pure dark dirt. B. Throw the corpse into your neighbours yard and hope no one notices. C. Pretend it is still alive and treat it as a pet, the next day tell your family it died of natural causes. 3) FOR GETTING RID OF THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU WET YOURSELF. A. Take off your pants and tell your parents that it's the way you feal about life. B. Sit in the sun and tell people you are very cold. C. Take your pants of and turn them around, then people will think you sat on something wet. Maybe. 4) FOR GETTING RID OF THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU ARE A CRIMINAL MASTERMIND. A. Wipe out all traces of human life on Earth.(not reccomended) B. Kill everyone you love.(not reccomended) C. Hide in a corner and wait until people forget about it. And saving the best for last............ 5) FOR GETTING RID OF THE EVIDENCE THAT YOU READ THIS USELESS GUIDE. A. Destroy your computer and say the dog did it. B. Destroy your computers hardrive and say the dog did it.(unlikely) C. Don't tell anyone that you read it...... Hope this has helped the people in need.

This may or may not help you at all, I dont really care. :)

funniness: 4.83

rating: PG-13