hayhay d.

OK, so somebody on this website may have put this on already but i'm not gonna go through all th jokes!!!!!!! OK so an Aggie, a Raider, and a Longhorn are walking together and find a bottle. They say what the heck, and rub the bottle, a genie comes out an says ok im gonna grant you each one wish! The Raider steps up and says, Texas Tech is such a great school! It should never change, build a 20 foot wall around the campus! The genie snapped his fingers and says done! The Longhorn steps up and says UT is the best school, so why don't you build a 40 foot wall around it! The genie snaps his fingers and says done! The Aggie steps up and say, Well A&M is such a great school! Why don't you fill both those walls with water!!!!! I LOVE THAT JOKE!!!!

I am personally an Aggie!

funniness: 6.43

rating: G