alex w.

i & my friend Amon were feasting in a restaurant one day.i always eat a little,that's why i'm skinny. as for my dear friend , well, he's fat & loves to eat too much,which was presicely what he was doing that day, trying to get an advantage of me-coz it was my turn to pay the be honest, i wasn't feeling good about that.i'm very mean & i wanted vengeance for that.some minutes later, amon started shifting in his chair &said '' do these guys have a bathroom?'' i can't tell you how happy i felt then coz that restaurant had none.finally i gathered up myself & while giving my friend my most adorable 'devil's grin' , i said '' well, uhm, i can't see anything like that in the menu, can you?''

funniness: 2.44

rating: PG