A R.

THE WORST JOBS FOR GAY MEN (SOME ARE BEST FOR GAY WOMEN): 10. U.S. Solider 9. Bartender (don't pick up guys....) 8. Gym Teacher (Guys don't look good in tight pants...) 7. Hair Stylist (Girls don't feel comfortable if guys tell them how unmanagable their hair is.) 6. Baseball player (oh yeah, really bad...) 5. Football Player (they loved to get tackled...) 4. Basketball Player (they just seem to be attracted to "blocking") 3. Tennis Player (get the racket out of your mouth...) 2. (This may also be the best) Peter Pan at a FantasyPark AND #1 ON THE LIST (DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!): 1. Gynecologist

funniness: 4.55

rating: PG-13