Iwan G.

Paddy and Murphy are on top of the stairs in their house. Paddy says to Murphy, "I bet #50 you i can throw my watch down the stairs, run down and catch it". Afer Murphy agrees to this bet, Paddy throws his watch down the stairs, runs down and catches it. Murphy, quite upset about loosing the bet says "Right, if I can do bettter than that you have to pay me #100." Paddy agrees to this bet, as it is almost impossible to loose. Murphy throws his watch watch down the stairs, and quickly runs down the stairs. He then runs out the front door of the house, and goes to the nearest pub. There he orders a pint of Guinnes and takes his time to drink it. He then runs back home, and manages to catch his watch just before it hits the ground. Paddy is amazed. "How in God's name did you do that?!?!"He asks. "Ah. Well. The watch was 15 minutes late."

This is my first submission as a member of funny.com, so it's not the best joke in the world, but come on it's quite funny!

funniness: 6.00

rating: G