Harrison S.

One day, jose, who lived in mexico, came to america to see his friends. His american friends wanted to take him to a baseball game, on account that he had never seen one before. so they get to the ballpark, and it is completely filled, and they cant get in. his friends apologize for not being able to take him to the game, but he says that he will go sit at the top of that flagpole to watch the game. his friends are confused by the idea, but jose does it, and watches the entire game. at the end of the game, jose met back up with his friends, and they ask him how the game was. he says, "oh, it was great! i had the best seat in the house, and i could see the entire game perfectly!" jose then said, "they even made sure i had a good view,they all turned to me and sang,'jose can you see'?"

funniness: 5.36

rating: PG