elijah l.

One day a small kid that got picked on and had 1 friend named Carl was in music class. He starting to feel the urge to Fart. He held it in as long as he could but then he just Farted so loud it almost made the other kids fall down, once everybody adjusted themselfs they burst out laughing and the little boy starting blushing. then all of a sudden he farted again but this fart smelled like cheese with barf in it. almost everybody hurled on each other. the small boy starting laughing his guts out. he laughed so long and so hard, he almost choked. then he felt the urge to fart again. he was laughing so hard and wanted to fart....those too mixed and then....pvvvvvvvvvvt. a very small fart came out followed by a BRRRRRLLLLLLLRRRRRRRRT. then the kid fell on his belly and saw nothing but crap on his butt and leaking out the side of his jeans.

funniness: 2.83

rating: PG