xan b.

Bob has just declared that he is bankrupt, so he tries to get some mony in the bank. He gets life insurance for his wife and decides to get her killed. He hires Arty the assasain to kill he. Arty : to have her killed it will be 5000 dollars Bob: look mate, i only have a dollar now but after you kill her i'll get some more. Arty agrees even though he is not happy with this So the next day Arty follows Bob's wife to safeway and creeps up behind her and strangles her in a deserted aisle, just then the store manager comes around the corner and is stunned by the sight of Arty holding a dead body. Now Arty doesnt want any witnesses so he strangles the manager aswell. What Arty doesn't know is that the whole thing was caught on cctv cameras. so that afternoon he is arrested . the next day the headlines for the paper read: ARTY CHOKES TWO FOR A DOLLAR AT SAFEWAY (read out loud)

funniness: 5.79

rating: PG