Moe R.

Talking Animals A ventriloquist's car breaks down near a farm and he decides to have a little fun with the redneck farmer that owned it. ?Hey there,? he says. ?I bet I can make your horse talk.? ?Horses don't talk? says the farmer. ?We?ll see,? says the ventriloquist. He turns to the horse and asks, ?So how does your master treat you?? ?Pretty well,? says the horse. ?He gives me plenty of food and water, and he lets me run all over.? ?I bet I can make the dog talk, too,? says the ventriloquist. ?Dog's don't talk? says the farmer. ?How about you?? the ventriloquist asks the dog. ?Is he good to you too?? ?Yup,? says the dog. ?We play fetch.? ?Let?s see what the sheep has to say,? says the ventriloquist. ?Wait!" yells the farmer "That sheep is a fuckin' liar!"

funniness: 7.30

rating: PG