reis b.

A black guy is going to a new-years eve part, so he stops into a pet shop. The guy walks up to the shopkeep and says "Yo man, im about to go to this new-years eve party and i need somthing dats coo, you know what im saying?" The shopkeep says "Well we've got some dogs in the back... " " Nah man, i don't want no bitch ass dogs, dogs are gay. I wabt somthin' dats off da hook. you know what im sayin?" "Well... we've got some chinchillas in the back..." "Man what the fuck is a chinchilla?!? I don't want dat, I want somthin exotic... something from da amazon or somthing. You know what im saying?" so the shopkeep says "I think I know what you want." so he takes the guy into the back, And he sees a 6 foot tall parrot reading the newspaper. "DAMN MAN DATS OFF DA HOOK! DATS WHAT I WANT MAN!" so he walks over to the parrot and says, "Yo, Polly want a cracker?!?" the parrot throws down the newspaper, looks him in the eye and says, " Nigga want a watermellon?"

funniness: 6.06

rating: PG