Tiffany B.

I have a cousin that is both annoying and weird one day she was sitting outside with me and she started asking me what it's like to be in 6th grade well I start to say what it's like when I was interrupted with another question from her. This time she asked me about who I liked in my grade because I'm a freshman again I was about to answer her question when again she asked me for the third time another question. Again it was a different question but this time I stood up picked her and told her if your going to ask questions JUST WAIT UNTIL I FINISH THE FIRST ONE YOU GIVE ME GOT THAT YOU DORK! I then set her down it wasn't but a few minutes later she again ask me another question this time I didn't hesitate I said geeze what do I have to do to get some peace and quiet around here and walked of and left my cousin standing there in complete and udder astonashment and before she knew it she was knocked out by a bird that hit her hard in the head when she woke up she was in a complete daze and she didn't know what had just happened.

rating: PG