Kate E.

An Irishman loved America so much he moved there. To become more American, he decided he would go to the baseball. The first batter went up and hit the ball. The crowd started yelling 'RUN RUN' so the irishman joined in 'RUN RUN'. The seconds batter went up and hit the ball. The Crowd yelled 'RUN RUN' so the irishman did too. The third batter went up, missed the ball, missed it again, and again, and again The umpire told him to walk to 1st base. The irishman started to yell 'RUN RUN' The man sitting next to him explained what was going on 'Nah mate, hes got 4 balls' The irishman started yelling 'WALK WITH PRIDE LADDY!'

funniness: 6.31

rating: PG