Jonathan N.

Once upon a time In a second grade classroom, the teacher asks three students to complete a sentence with the words liver and cheese. The first kid was white, his name was Tyler. He said "My mom made me a Liver and Cheese sandwich and it was super good." "Thank you tyler", the teacher replied. The second kid was black, his name was Jamal. He said "I wuh att duh pork wun day and i wuh rilly ungry an mah homees stowl a fride liver an chees sanwich fo me. "Thats very nice Jamal", the teacher said. The third kid was Mexican, his name was Juan. "ayyy....dis one day..I walkin wit my sista to the 99 cent store.... and sum off tese guys was wistling at her and slap her porkskin, so i said ""Hey cabrones, liver alone!! Cheese my sister!!""

funniness: 6.14

rating: PG