Douglas I.

this newly wed couple wants to have sex but the girl is a virgin and he doesn't want to hurt her in any way. so they go home and he trys every kind of lub possable and everything he used hurts her, so he gives up for the night. in a couple hours he gets hungry and goes down stairs for a snack, looks in the fridge and notices the butter, he thinks " well shit i haven't used that before", goes upstairs with the butter and the couple has the time of there lives. the next morning he goes to make breakfast, the wife comes down the stairs with her legs tightly put together, the husband looks at her and says in a very consernd voice "did i hurt you honey"? "no no YOU didn't, but EVERY time i open my legs they go ... Parrrkay!!!!!!!"

funniness: 1.71

rating: PG-13