Rachel M.

A man was driving along a country lane on his way home from work one evening, just thinking about what he would have for dinner, when a rabbit hopped into the road in front of him. It happened too quickly and the man couldn't stop in time and he hit the rabbit with his car killing it instantly. He was a kind man, and an animal lover and he felt awful about what he had done, he pulled over in his car and went to see if anything could be done to save the rabbit. However, after examining its poor little broken body he realised that not even the most skilled of vets could bring the bunny back to life and as the realisation hit him he started to cry. He had been sat by the side of the road, cradling the rabbit in his arms for some time, sobbing with grief and guilt when a car pulled up and a blonde stepped out. She approached the man and asked him what was amiss. He recounted his sorry tale and burst into a fresh bout of tears. The blonde patted his shoulder and soothingly told him to wait where he was while she went to her car. In a few moments the blonde returned with an aerosol can which she shook vigorously and sprayed all over the rabbit on both sides. A few moments passed and the rabbit started to twitch a few more moments and it had sat up. The man was beside himself, the miracle working blonde had restored life where, moments ago, there had been none!! The kind man gave the rabbit a drink to help it regain its strength and before you knew it the rabbit was hopping away. About ten yards away the rabbit turned around and waved, then carried on hopping, then after another ten yards it turned and waved again, and so it carried on hopping and waving, hopping and waving until it could no longer be seen. The obviously relieved man turned to the blonde, who was standing next to him, and asked "What was it, what did you spray on the rabbit?" The blonde handed over the aerosol can and the man read... ... "Hair spray - restores life to dead hair and adds permanent wave"

funniness: 6.59

rating: PG