John A.

One day two friends got a call from their friend John. John, being born in Boston, said "Guys, come ovah! I gotta new pool and it's wicked fun!" So they went over to see this "wicked fun" pool for themselves. It was empty. Puzzled, they listened as John beamed as he explained why it's so fun. "All yeh do is jump in, and while ya in th' air, yell out what you want it to fill wif". So to demonstrate, John runs, jumps, and yells "GATORADE!" and instantly the pool fills with the stuff. As John climbs out, the first friend runs, jumps, and yells "COTTON CANDY!" and lands in the pink & blue fluffy candy. The second friend, very excited at this point, runs, sprints, and stubs his toe. "SHIT!"

funniness: 7.82

rating: G