Sade O.

This is one of my conversations I had with a friend over the internet. ME:h! FRIEND:wh@t(hu d0!n ME:+@/k!n 2 u ME:OMG d!d u h3ar @bou+ john @nd c@$$!3 g3++!n bck 2g3+her? FRIEND: OMG th3y d!d? ME: y3@ @nd $h3$ $uch a $lu+ $h3$ pr0b@b@ly $l33pin wi+ $om31 3l$3 @// r3@d! FRIEND: ro+f/! :-) FRIEND: go++@ go POS ME:k ++yl *IF YOU CAN READ THAT AND YOU ARE OVER 20 YOU ARE A FUCKING GENIUS

funniness: 3.00

rating: PG