kaitlyn j.

One rainy night an old man walked into a bar and sat a few seats down from a young guy. About ten minutes later a beautiful young woman walks into the bar. She looks around, deciding where to sit, then sits next to the young guy. They made small talk. The old man couldn't help but over hear their conversation. Thye next thing the old man knows, the young man says to the young lady, "May I tickle your ass with a feather?" The woman says, "WHAT?" and pulls her fist back, ready to hit him. The young man says, "Not perticuarly nice weather, is it?" A smile appears on the womans face, and later that night, she goes home with him. About a week later on another rainy night, the old man walks into the bar and sees the same young man talking to a different young woman. "May I tickle your ass with a feather?" the young man asks the woman. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!?" she screams. "Not perticuarly nice weather, is it?" he says calmly. "oh." she says. they talk for a while and when she is about to go home with him, the old man asks him, "how do you do it?" So the young man tells him. "first you ask if you can tickle their ass with a feather, then they get mad, but then you say 'Not perticuarly nice weather, is it?'. so they get embarrassed. then they talk to you, and most likely will go home with you." so another rainy night comes and the old man meets a woman and says "May I tickle your ass with a feather?" and she says "WHAT THE HELL?" and is about to hit him and he screams "ITS FUCKING RAINING OUTSIDE!!"

funniness: 4.60

rating: PG