Lady B.

When you're in trouble with your parents, there are two types of things to say, things that wil save you, and the other things you could say, well, could ruin you. List #1: To save yourselve... usually they work because they confuse your parents long enough for you to escape. 1-Don't make me break out the flying monkeys! 2-Love you, I'm going to the zoo! Bye! 3-I need a purple elephant... 4-Did you know that.. ummm... 5-(nothing) List #2: To kill yourselves... usually they DON'T work because your parents know you are lying... 1-Did you know that you're not really mad at me? 2-(whimpered) Sorry, mother and my dear loving father. 3-I DIDN'T DO IT!!! 4-MY BROTHER DID IT!!! 5-Santa broke the lamp... I was cleaning the stairs.

funniness: 2.00

rating: PG