Beth N.

Okay this isn't jokes but its stuff that has really happened to either me or with someone i was with. I know theyre not that funny but some of them you'd have to be there to understand the funniness of it. Story 1 --- Me and my 2 cousins went swimming at this pool at the campsite we were staying at and my oldest cousin was talking to me as he was walking and walked right into the pool. Story 2 --- On my first day of school in the sixth grade my teacher called me up to the desk to get something and i flipped over a chair. Story 3--- I was walking down the sidewalk with my cousin and my little brother and sister and not paying attention to were i was going i walked right into a stop sign then after that we were walking to the play ground and i fell in a hole. Story 4 --- Me and my sister and her friend were downstairs dancing to music and when i went down my pants ripped. Story 5 --- Me and my friend were watching movies on halloween night and we just finished watching the grudge and we were talking about how CD's skip and the phone rang and she said i wonder whos calling well i didnt hear her and i said i bet toothpaste. =]. Story 6 --- ME and my cousin were talking on IM and my cousin said randomly he had a tummy ache. [yeaa i know he's 15 and still says tummy lol] and i asked why and he said cuz i drank 4 big glasses of chocolate milk. then we got into this DETAILED conversation about chocolate milk. Story 6 --- Lee: im bored. X0JhnDeereGurl0X:RaWr imma green dino-saur. Lee: Why green. why not red or blue? X0JhnDeereGurl0X: cuz i like green. Lee: john deere green? X0JhnDeereGurl0X:yeaa and lime green X0JhnDeereGurl0X:Imma multi-green dino-saur. Lee: that would be a pretty tight dinosaur. X0JhnDeereGurl0X:I know ryte.

funniness: 2.25

rating: PG