claudia f.

three sisters who recently got married almost at the same time decided to spend their honeymoon all in their mothers house,the mom had a big four bedroom house,so she accepted all 3 daughters and ther husbands to spend the night. that night around midnight the mother went upstairs to the daughters bedrooms wich were all next to each other. she past through the first bedroom and heard her first daughter laughing not knowing why. she passes through the second daughter and hears her scream and also doesnt know why. she passes through the third daughters bedroom and it is silent so she waited and it stayed silent. so the next morning during breakfast she asked the first daughter why she was laughing and the daughter said you told me to laugh when something tickled. so she also asked the second daughter and she says you told me to scream when something hurt. so she asked the third daughter and she says you always told me to never talk with my mouth full.

funniness: 5.93

rating: PG