rob b.

a new president elected to the white house decides he wanted to have the whole of the auditorium ceiling painted in a theme of american history thinking this way he would be remembered. he phones a long distant relative of leonardo da vinci asking him to come to the white house and paint a mural covering the ceiling with a theme of american history,the artist arrives the next day and tells the president he could do this but it would take three weeks to complete. the president excited in this new venture decides to have all the politicians and there families come to a dinner held in the auditorium on completion of the art work.and this would be the day he unveils the masterpiece. the three weeks passes and the day finally comes,he gathers all his guests and their families in to the auditorium, above covering the art work hangs three large pieces of canvas. Excited he tells the artist to drop the canvas and unveil his artwork, The artist pulls the first canvas to reveal "the pope sitting on a toilet having a shit" All the guests gathered shocked at what they saw the artist pulls the second canvas to reveal "hundreds of indians having sex" The president shocked could not believe what he could see the artist pulls the final canvas to reveal the ceiling covered in "female genitals of all sizes shapes and colors" totally awe struck the president furious at what everbody could see grabs the artist yelling at him " I TOLD YOU I WANTED AMERICAN HISTORY " and that is what i gave you replied the artist, furious the president asks "HOW THE FUCK DO YOU SAY THAT IS AMERICAN HISTORY"pointing to the ceiling "easy" replied the artist " Its custars last stand he explains "HOLY SHIT FUCKING INDIANS THOUSANDS OF THE CUNTS"

funniness: 3.58

rating: PG