Carrie B.

There are things that everyone wants to be: Not hated, loved, known, and mainly be known around the world. But some idiot people who aren't into sex and fun stuff like that just HATE people who say bad words. Well, here's where our story takes place: A few people (the ones that I talked about earlier) were attending a funeral for the one and only inventor of...The Hokey Pokey. He had almost all the things I said a person wanted to be: He wasn't hated, he was famous everywhere, and overall he had a great life. Everyone loved him until they had to bury him. They HATED annoying people and at that time he was just about Mr.Annoying. Why? He kept on putting his left foot in, putting his left foot out, putting his left foot in again and shaking it all about! Moral of the Story: DEAD PEOPLE ARE VERY ANNOYING ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY CAME UP WITH A STUPID F*****G DANCE MOVE LIKE THE HOKEY POKEY.

funniness: 2.17

rating: PG