Ala T.

Before i start i know these jokes are bad but some are that bad they make you laugh n e way: Q: Why did the plane crash A: because the pilot was a sasague Q: Waht do you call a fish with no eyes A: Fsh Q: Whats got 8 legs is brown and green and if falls from a tree can kill you A: A pool-Table Q: Where was the donkey when the lights went out A: In the dark Q: Why did the guy fall of his bike A: because someone threw a fridge at him Q: whats black and white with red all over A: A penguin in a blender Q: how do you make a blonde laugh on thursday A: Tell her a joke on monday Q: How many blondes does it take to bake a cake A: 13 one to bake the cake and 12 to peel the smarties WAteva :)

funniness: 1.43

rating: PG