Dixon C.

Willie saw some dynamite, Couldn?t understand it quite; Curiosity never pays: It rained Willie seven days. William, in a nice new sash, Fell in the fire and burned to an ash. Now, although the room grows chilly I haven?t the heart to poke poor Billy. Willie in the cauldron fell; See the grief on mother?s brow; Mother loved her darling well-- Willie?s quite hard-boiled by now. Little Willie with a shout, Gouged the Baby?s eyeballs out; Stamped on them to make them pop. Mother cried, ?Now William, stop!? William, with a thirst for gore, Nailed the baby to the door. Mother said, with humor quaint: ?Careful, Will, don?t mar the paint.? Little Willie shot his sister; She was dead before we missed her. Willie?s always up to tricks. Ain?t he cute? He?s only six.

funniness: 1.25

rating: PG