alex b.

strong bad:"whistles" the cheat walks over. strong bad:oh,hey the boots.{this can also be called new boots.} whered you get them? the cheat: "the cheat noises' translated:i got them from an astrounat and a girl. strong bad:oh. you got them from an astrounaut and a girl?oh ok. the cheats stomach grumbles. strong bad: oh i think your hungry right? ill go get some thing. "walks off the screen" home star gets thrown on the screen with one shoe on. homestar:oh hey the cheat. cool boots. homestars phone rings. hello thanks for calling me. the cheat is wearing cool boots. can i have my shoe back now? home stars shoe gets thrown on the screen. homestar:thanks. strong bad comes walking on the screen. strong bad: hey the cheat i made your favorite,some bread,water, and soup and you love picnic lunches. can i get you some thing else? homestar: id like some soup. strong bad trips him. strong bad: the cheat! get that guy some soup! the cheat pours soup on home stars eyes. home star; theres hot soup on my eyes! the cheat gets on home stars head and music plays. oh no! now your doing a hip-hop dance on my head! coach Z comes out of no where from the bottom of the screen. coach Z: hey! thats a good dance! he goes back from the bottom of the screen. the end. credits: go to homestar to see the video.go to toons and go to powered by the cheat. its called New Boots. also there is a music video at the end but i cant remember the words. please make a good rating! hope its funny!

funniness: 1.50

rating: PG