billy b.

This guy goes into the local bar down the street, he opens the bar door and goes up to each and every person and whispers something into their ear. Then each person walked outside the bar and stared in through the window. The bartender asks him what their all doin and he replies the he dont know. Next the guy makes a bet with the bartender that he could spit a shot of whisky in to a shot glass from 10 feet away for $50, the bartender knew he couldn't do it but he just wanted his $50 so he agreed with the bet. so he gives him some whisky and backsway 10 feet with the shot glass. then the man spit whiskey all lover the bar, on everything. So the bartender walks back over to him and asked for his $50, the man replies ill give you your money after i collect mine from from all those people i bet them i could get whiskey all over the bar for $50 per person.

funniness: 2.86

rating: PG