Chad S.

A white guy, a black guy, and an irish man are talking. One day. they decide to go talk to a wish granter. They were told that the wish granter could grant any wish that could be thought of. So the three men go and find this person. They find the man, who lives in a skyscraper (i don't know why), and they decide this was their chance. They ask the wish granter about their wishes. The granter says "You must first jump off the building, then you must make your wish and that is what you will become." So the men are on the roof when the white guy goes, "ok, this is my chance," and he runs off as fast as he can, when he reaches the edge he goes "i'm a bird," he turns into a bird and flies away. The black man says "If he can do it then so can i." He runs faster than he ever had, and when he reached the edge he says "i'm a plane," he transforms into a jumbo jet and flies away. The Irish man goes "well, well, turn" As he runs to the edge, he thinks hard, since he had been drinking that day, he had no idea what to wish. As he gets to the edge, he tripsand the first thing he says is "HOLY S***" And so he became... The unaware passersby were never the same

funniness: 4.33

rating: G