Jeremy E.

An Italian Man was visiting USA for the first time and was eating breakfast at his hotel, and when the waiter brought his toast, there was only one piece. The Italian man said, "I want two piss." The waiter said, "Go to the restroom." The Italian replied, "No, I wan two piss on me plate." The waiter said, "You better not piss on the plate, you son of a bitch!" Later, at another reaturant the Italian man was eating dinner. He realized he had no fork, and told the waitress, "I wanna fock." She answered, "Everyone wants to." He answered, "No, you see, I wanna fock on da table." She answered, "You better not do that on the table, you son of a bitch!" He went back to his hotel room, and saw that he had no sheet on his bed. The Italian called the front desk and said, "I wanna sheet on me bed." He said, "You'd better not shit in the bed, you son of a bitch!" The next morning the Italian man is upset with this bad treatment and is checking out of the hotel. The man behind the desk says, "Peace to you." The Italian turns around and yells, "Piss onna you too, you sonna ma bitch!"

funniness: 6.32

rating: PG