zack b.

Their was a man that got a flat tire. It was going to get dark soon. He comes apon a farm he knock's on the farmers door. He asked if he could stay the night. The farmer said sure u can stay in the barn. But the farmer said (What ever u do dont mess with my pink monkey). He goes out 2 the barn and falls asleep. In the next morning he wakes up and thinks why did the farmer say dont mess with my pink monkey.about 20 feet away he sees a door that is 10 inches of thick steel. he opens it and walk's through the doorway. he comes apon another door that is 20 inches of thick steel. He walkes through the doorway and comes apon another door of thick steel. he walkes throught it and sees a giant pink monkey scratching his ass. the monkey get pissed off when he sees him and starts running after him. the guy got scared and started running. he get to the third door and closes it. the monkey busted through the door.he comes to the second door. he closes it b-hind him the monkey busts right through it. he get's to the last door he closes it. and the monkey busts right throught it the monkey is still on his ass. the man is reaching for his car keys. he starts driving off and member's he has a flat. and get's about 500 feet and the car gets another flat and ends up in the ditch. the monkey is still running after him. the monkey finally get's to him rippes the door off the higgens and reaches in the door and says. (TAG UR IT)

funniness: 3.00