kevin p.

10. yo mama so dumb, i told her to speak her mind and she started to sing elevator music 9. yo mama so dumb that she went to see a french foreign film and asked for sushi 8. yo mama so old i tapped her back and her tits fell off 7. yo mama so ugly that she went to hell cause heaven has a beauty limit......she broke the scale 6. yo mama so fat it takes a train and two buses just go get on her good side 5. yo mama so fat when she goes to the movies she sits next to everyone 4. yo mama so fat she put on some bvd's and when she finally got them on it spelled....boulevard 3. yo mam so old when i told her to act her own age...she died 2. yo mama's like a brick..flat on both sides and laid by mexicans 1. yo mama so fat she went to hell cause god couldn't lift her spirits

funniness: 2.33

rating: PG