Chris M.

There was this teenage girl who wanted to go out to see her boyfriend. She was only 15, and she asked her father if she could go out for the evening. "I'm sorry," Said her father, "it's a weekday evening and you've got school tomorrow. I can't let you go out this evening." The girl REALlY wanted to go go out that evening as she knew her boyfriend had a special night planned for them. So she said "Dad, I'm only asking this one evening. Please?" "No, sorry." "Dad, I'll do ANYTHING if you let me go out tonight. For example how about if I do all the housework for a month?" Her father replied, "Well, how about if you just suck my cock? I'll let you go out then." The girl did want to go out ever so much, so she said "okay then...let's get it over with." Her father dropped his trousers and pulled out his dick. The girl got down on her knees and put it into her mouth. "OH YUCK!" she cried. "This tastes of shit!" "I know," said her father. "Your brother just borrowed the car..."

funniness: 6.34

rating: R