alex b.

I had just gotten an E-mail that I had to go out of town for work. I headed to the Air Port and had a seat. A 5 year old brat kicked my chair. I sat there reading a book. Again he kicked my chair, 1....2.....3....4. Then i got up, raised my voice, turned red and said: " IF YOU KICK MY CHAIR ONE MORE TIME I'LL TEAR OFF YOUR LEGS AND SHOVE THEM UP YOUR BUTT! The Child started crying."SHUT UP!!". He started crying louder. I slapped him. "OH MY GOD!". screamed the kids mom. Security!!!!! Next thing i know im getting hit over the head with a club from a police officer. I wake up in prison. A very fat dude came up to me and punched my belly. Then my face and then broke my nose. I hear you slapped my child!

rating: PG