Kaipha B.

Cucumber, pickle and dick were having a discussion, the usual "guys' talk".....discussing the problems they go through. Cucumber: "Man, this life sucks! Whenever I get full and juicy, my boss always cuts me in slices, toss me over salad and eat me up. I hate that!" Pickle: "Man that's nothing compared to what I go through. When I get big, ripe and juicy, I get packed into a jar with this bad tasting vinegar and closed shut and kept in a cold fridge and eventually eaten up." Dick: "You both need to be content with what you go through compared to me. When I get hard ripe and juicy, my boss pushes me into this dark smelly hole and continuously bang my head against a wall until I throw up and lose consciousness.

funniness: 6.94

rating: PG-13