alex b.

The new way to meet men and women I've found it! The best way to meet men/women easily. Imagine you're driving around and you see an attractive man/woman in the car next to you. You could always wave or smile, but chances are you have tinted windows and it just appears like your a very creepy person staring at the attractive man/woman. So here is the best way to solve this dilemma... wreck into the attractive man/woman's car. Tips on how to do this and how to do it correctly 1. Slightly nudge the attractive man/woman's car, or depending on how much available cash you have create more damage to make a lasting impression. 2. Don't kill the attractive woman/man during the suspected "accident" because thats just not nice! You're probably wondering how this lets you meet new people. Well consider this... You get all of their information without even asking!! Phone number, Address and so forth! And you even get to spend a couple hours with the attractive man/woman in the hot sun or pouring rain!

funniness: 1.80