A R.

1. In a bank drive thru, there are numbers in braille. Why the hell is a blind guy driving a car in the first place? 2. Donald Trump has all of the money in the world, so why can't he do something better to his hair? 3. What I don't get is this: People treat people who are...different like they are a different species of human. I treat them like a regular person. They want to feel like a regular person. Someone who is mentally and physically different told me this and I respect their wishes. What do you do? 4. On sleep aids, it says 'may cause drowsiness.' It's that the point? 5. In sports games, especially in baseball, the announcers start talking about the actual game, but then go into shit we don't even give a flying fuck about. 6. People breathe after every two sentences, even if they are talking. 7. If there is an underwater scene in a movie, book, or joke, people tend to hold their breath.

funniness: 6.19

rating: G