elijah l.

Don't you think moms are so weird? Don't you you think 6 year olds are weird? well one day a mom and her 6 year old son went in MCdonalds for lucnh. The 6 year old always was never a good potty person. They sat at a table.The mom started to smell something so bad. Holy crud, My child just had an accident! And I have nothing for him to change into!He sat there looking little and cute. Oh my god! it smelled so bad, she started to fan herself. Did you toot? she asked him. No. he relied. she asked again, " your sure you did not toot?!? No. he said. she asked one final time. Sooooooooooo, you sure you didn't Toot? He got up took off his pants and underwhere and opened his cheeks, SEE MOM, ITS JUST DIRRIEAH!!!!!!!! Everybody laughed and chokes on thier food.

funniness: 1.83

rating: PG