Holly K.

You may be a redneck hillbilly if??? 1. Your wife?s name is the same as your sister in law. 2. Your daughter learns at build a bear how to spell your last name, then forgets the next day. 3. Your third marriage kids older than your second marriage. 4. Your wife is 20 years older than you and you sleep with her. 5. Your grandchildren in your third marriage are older than your child in your second. 6. Your proposal to your girlfriend is at the mall eating Auntie Anne?s pretzels. 7. You baby talk to your puppies. 8. Your child laughs at you. 9. You come out of the bathroom saying, ?Wowie, that bathroom is toxic for the next 23 hours and 59 minutes.? Your wife laughs. 10. Your lake house is a trailer parked a 30 feet house thing 11. Your mother lives in a trailer next to a big highway. 12. Your mother hates your daughter. 13. Your daughter feels scared when you open your mouth to speak. 14. Your ex-wife?s neighbor tells another police friend to go get your daughter to take her home. And the last most funniest ever number 15??? 15. Your name is Larry the Cable Guy, but you really are.

funniness: 4.43

rating: PG