Kara S.

One day, Sally visited her local church. She walked into the confessional and sat down. "Forgive me Father, for i have sinned!" The priest opened a latch and spoke, "tell me of your sins, and i shall cleanse your soul". "Well, last night, i visited my boyfriend, Harry. i went to his house. After a while, we went into his room... forgive me father" The priest sat quietly for a few seconds. "Hmm, then you shall sit in your room each night, and not talk to Harry." "Oh, but Father, that's not all. After a while, he started to kiss me, and slowly crept his hands all over my body... forgive me father." Once again, the Priest paused, but this time for longer. "When you sit in your room, you shall tie your hands behind your back." "But Father, that's not all. After a while. he had taken off my clothes, leaving me naked on his bed... forgive me Father." Once again, the Priest sat quietly, this time moaning a bit. "Then he began to take his clothes off. He pulled out his 'equipment' and said that it was the only thing I had to do before i left his room... forgive me Father." The priest was now moaning and breathing heavily,saying "Don't stop!" "Well, Father. We had sex, and i am underage. what can i do to cleanse my soul?" The priest sat, thinking for many minutes. Finally, after thinking and finishing what he was doing, he answered. "I have just communed with God, the only way to cleanse yourself now is to do exactly the same thing with me, repeat the whole night!" Sally was very glad. "Oh Father, when must we do this deed?" "Now, Sally, here and Now, in my booth, for if we wait any longer, we cannot cleanse your soul." After a long time, Sally left Father's booth. "Oh Father, that was better than last night! Oh Father!!!!"

funniness: 4.69

rating: PG