Roy T.

A man was playing golf in Ireland one day, when a wayward shot landed in the woods. When he found the ball, he saw that it had hit a leprechaun on the head. "I'm so sorry, let me get you some Ice" he offered to the fallen leprechaun. "Aye, there is no need for that, but because you are so kind, I will grant thee three wishes." The man said thank you very much, and went on with his game. Once the man had turned him down, the leprechaun made the decision to grant him three wishes anyway, so he said "I wish him a great golf game, great wealth and a fantastic sex life." A few years later, the man is back in Ireland, and once again he bumps into the Leprechaun. "How are you doing my friend?" "Fantastic! You wouldn't beleive it, but since I met you, my golf game has been great. As a matter of fact I am actually playing on the pro tour!" "So you're wealth then?" "Why yes, beyond my wildest dreams!" "and how's your sex life?" "That's personal!" "C'mon, just between us boys." "Well, maybe one or twice a week." "Once or twice a week? That's nothing!" "Hey, it's pretty good for a priest!"

funniness: 8.36

rating: PG