Alan L.

A hairdresser was polishing his scissors when a girl walks in to get her hair done. She sits down on one of the chairs, and tells the hairdresser how she wants her hair cut. The hairdresser then notices that the girl is wearing a rather large set of headphones, and he asks her to take them off. She quickly refuses, saying "Don't! If you take these headphones off my head, i'm screwed over! I'll die!" The hairdresser just thinks that shes crazy, and snatches the headphones away. The girl stares at him in horror, then falls to the ground and dies. The hairdresser is totally shocked, and then he wonders " What's playing in those things anyways? Maybe I should have a look..." So he bends down and picks up the headphones, which have fallen to the floor. He puts them on, and hears: Breathe in, Breathe out, Breathe in, Breathe out... This was origianally told as a haircolor joke, but I changed it in case anyone would find it hurtful.

funniness: 5.87

rating: G