Detlef B.

Every day Jason and Markus go to the beach. Jason always sits around, tanning, looking for shells, building sandcastles, while Markus always picks up girl after girl and brings new ones home every day. Markus never gets any girls. One day Jason asks Markus, "Tell me" he says, "What is your secret to getting so many girls at the beach?" Markus explains, "Every day I go, I wear my tightest speedo, and put a cucumber in my pants. It really gets the girls. Try it tomorrow." So Jason goes out and buys a tight blue speedo. For the next two days, he wears the cucumber in his pants, but doesnt get any girls. "I don't understand" says Jason to Markus, "What did I do wrong?" Markus says quietly to Jason, "Next time, put the cucumber in the front."

funniness: 4.87

rating: PG