Bryan M.

There was this blind kid that lived in the country. His only wish he ever had was to be able to see. Especially when all his friends and family talked about how beautiful the country is. So one day he goes up to his mom, and says "Mom, I wish I could see. Oh, how I wish I could see just like everybody else and know what its like to see all the bright colors. Please, mom, is there anything I can do?" His mom didn't know what to say, but she felt really bad and wanted to help him. So she said "Honey, just go to bed, and pray to Jesus and ask him to help you." the kid said "really?! He can help me?! I can't wait to finally see! I'll SEE you in the mornig mom." So he went to bed and prayed, and prayed. The next morning he went running to his mom "MOM, MOM! It didn't work! It didn't work!" Then his mom said "I know, I was just kidding."

funniness: 1.20

rating: PG