ross m.

hello reader, i am a long time fan of however over the years i have been visteing the site i have found that the standered of jokes have just gone to Fuck, this is just a note to anybody who is thinking of posting to 1. make sure the joke your submitting is actually funny and not just a load of bollox 2. if you stole it off a differnt website most people have allready probly read it 3. you know when you submitting you joke and at the end you get shown jokes that are similar to yours? yeah, well next time fucking read them and even if the names are differnt, or your joke is in a jungle not a foresst, or what ever it can still be the same fucking joke... so dont submit yours... 4. if you got it by chain mail we all have probebly gotten it.. 5. little 12 years with "funny" stories useually arnt funny. and its just sad to ask people to vote for your joke, like christ, if you think its funny then you wont have to fucking ask for votes so anyways im off now. i hope you'll take what i said to hart and i really dont give a flying fuck wether anyone votes on this or ot as long as you read it. cheeres