Hayastanci 6.

WARNING: The following may be insulting to some groups of people. But, you got to learn to laugh at yourself sometime or later. 1. Did you hear about the war between the Newfie's and Nova Scotia? The Newfie's were lobbing the grenades, the Nova Scotian's were pulling the pins and throwing them back. 2. Doctors cut open an Abarantsi's head and saw string, they cut the string and his ears fell off. 3. Chris is nervous. It is his first day of first grade. So when he went to school the teacher said to say the whole alphabet. Chris was the only one who actually finished saying the alphabet. When he went home to tell his dad his dad told him it was because he was a Newfie. The next day the teacher asked them to count to fifty. Chris got to a hundred with one mistake. (He missed 87) The same thing happened that night as last night. The next day they measured everyone's weight and height, and Chris was bigger than anyone in his class. That night Chris siad to his dad if it was because he was a Newfie. His dad looked at him and said, "No, son that's because you're eighteen." 4. Someone tells an Abarantsi that the world is going to end, so he packs his bags and heads for Russia. 5. A Newfie gets three wishes from a genie. He asks for a bottle of beer that never ends. The geniae gives it to him, and he starts walking away. " Wait you still got two more wishes." The Newfie says "Well, give me two more of these."

funniness: 3.20

rating: PG