Moe R.

Here are 25 surefire ways to know that you are a product of the 90's 1. At one point your TV show top 5 list consisted of Beverly Hills 90210, Saved By The Bell, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and The Simpsons. 2. As you got older that list changed to Seinfeld, Friends, Party of Five, South Park and The Simpsons. 3. You remember watching Blossom and Sabrina the Teenage Witch but not quite the names of the actresses that played them. 4. You wanted to date Sarah Michelle Gellar, marry Jennifer Love Hewitt and have an affair with Pamela Anderson. 5. You and your buddies said "Wassssssuuup!!" for months. 6. You can go on and on about how they don't make teen movies like they used to. 7. You remember "I've fallen and I can't get up". 8. You had a crush on Kathie Lee Gifford before the term MILF became mainstream. 9. Your goal in life was to watch Basic Instinct, alone, in your room. 10. You had a conversation with at least one buddy on which Spice Girl you'd like to nail. 11. You also argued with your friends which Kelly was hotter, 90210 Kelly, Saved By The Bell Kelly, or Kelly Bundy. 12. When you were home, sick from school, you watched reruns of Batman, The Brady Bunch, Who's The Boss & Family Ties. 13. You remember when 9600 baud modems were blazing fast and 56k's were just for the rich kids. 14. You had a collection of BBS numbers which allowed you to download cool DOS games for free. 15. Some of these BBS even had porn pictures. 16. Speaking of porn, can you honestly say you didn't watch scrambled sex scenes? 17. You remember when cell phones and DVD players were status symbols. 18. The cool kids in your school had pagers and yellow walkmans. 19. The OJ Simpson verdict was read over your schools PA system and looking back on it today you don't quite understand why. (U.S. only) 20. You took for granted the fact that you could see Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky and Barry Sanders play live. 21. Cobain, Tupac & Biggie were your Morrison, Hendrix and Lennon. 22. At one point, you wore overalls in the city, pumped up your shoes and did the running man. 23. You collected sports cards, pogs or beanie babies at some point in your life. 24. You remember the simple days when the world's biggest fear was Y2K. 25. and lastly, youre amazed at how cheap life was back in the day, you could fill up a tank under $20 and buy a house with the hopes of actually paying off your mortgage.

funniness: 6.27

rating: G