Danielle A.

Characters: James Lisa Bobby lauren Cati miki leslie freddy dad mom dad:happy mothers day sweetie! mom: can I open the presents james: just a minute mom. me and my little brothers and sisters want to talk for 5 minutes okay? then you can open you presents mom: okay (feet running up steps) (door shutting) ( sitting down on carpet) James: what did we get mom for mothers day? I'll go first. I got her a vase that has 8 little flowers on it, with all our thumbprints in the center- one for each of us. What did you get lisa? Lisa:I got her a diamond ring, with 8 diamonds with all our names engraved on each and every one-well the initials actually. The first 3 letters of our first name. What did you get bobby? Bobby: I just bought her a card. no presents no nothing. It was cheaper to do. it says happy mothers day to a women who can do it all usually all at once. lisa mumbling:tightwad Bobby: what did you get lauren? Lauren: a beautiful see through picture frame. I went to the market and i got a photograph printed of her and me and put it in there. its kinda hard to see the picture though. what did you get cati? Cati: I got her some earrings. There gold with the words engraved I love you mommy a lot from cati in them. and they were expensive. what did you get her miki? Miki: wonderful candy she loves. there expensive bon bon chocolates. cost me my whole allowance for a month.I sure do hope she loves them, cuz i cant return them. Lord knows we'll eat them if she doesn't. We'll get fat in no time by eating those. What you get leslie? Leslie: oh i just got her a laptop nothing too fancy just an dell with a monitor she can plug into it, a whole speakerphone set an ipod she can plug into her new radio set i got her um...... a pc mouse a microsoft word cd and itunes installed into it and to top it all off, a card that says will you make me pancakes this weekend p.s i love u. She stupidly asks, what did you get freddy? Freddy: I made mine handmade. Everyone: what is it? Freddy: a handmade sculpture of my . I even molded the clay on it and painted it my skin color. The balls were included! Everyone: FREDDY! THAT IS DISGUSTING! (later when mom opens freddys ) mom: oooooooohhhhh! this will look so good with the drunk lady and the monkey sculptures you made me last year!

funniness: 3.20

rating: PG