J L.

I just read Eric Huettner's long rant about the way things were in the mid 90's in his joke "1992" (see http://www.funny.com/cgibin/WebObjects/Funny.woa/10/wo/3KBimll9BMPrbRtb7yyUM0/ He talks about Windows-95, the start of the internet, and the original Batman. If you were a child of the late 70's or 80's you remember things of even more significance, as noted here: You remember: - when music was recorded and bought on tapes, before CD's became popular. Wanted to get to a certain song? You had to forward or rewind. - before Windows-95, there was Windows 3.1. And before that, there was DOS. Most computers did not even use a mouse. Wanted to run a program? You had to type it in. - laugh at the original Batman. Before Batman, there was the original Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark. If you're from the 70's you remember the original Superman movie with Christopher Reeve. Both of these movies are far better than Batman. - before Will Smith was even around, there was the Cosby Show. Instead of Will Smith, we had Tom Sellick in Magnum PI. We also had MASH, Dallas, the Dukes of Hazard, and Three's Company. - before Michael Jordan hit his prime, there were people like Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Dr.J. - know that before Nintendo, there was Atari. - Sylvester Stallone was making Rocky movies in the 80's - oh wait! - he was doing that in the 70's and later in the 90's and today as well. Some things never change... - There was no Tiger Woods around (hard to imagine, isn't it? Well, he was around, but not known.) - There were no cell phones (hard to imagine, eh?). - Most people did not know there was an internet out there. There was no such thing as the World Wide Web. - Before we had Bush beating up people all over the world, we had Reagan beating up people all over the world. Much more to say, but that's enough for now. - JL

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