Zach S.

A ventriloquist was at an indian reservation, and decided to have a little fun with the Cheif. So he walks up to the Cheif and says "I bet that I can make your horse talk." "Horse no talk" the Chief says. The ventriloquist walks up to the horse and begins to have a fake conversation with him "So, how does your master treat you?" he asks "Good, he feeds me plaenty of grain and I get to run around a lot." the "horse" replies. "I bet that I could make your dog talk too." the guy says. "Dog no talk" the Cheif says. "So how about you" the guy asks "Good, we play fetch a lot." the "dog responds. "I bet that I could even make your sheep talk" "Wait!" the Cheif says, "sheep lie!, sheep lie!"

funniness: 6.14

rating: G