Rochelle M.

Farmer Jack was new at the proffession of raising cows and his first heifer was going to have a calf. He was worried that there was going to be something wrong so he called the vet and said "I think that she's going to be due anytime soon and I want you to be around because I have no idea what to do if anything goes wrong" so the vet came out and there was some problems with the calf so the vet had to reach up there turn the calf around. After all the trouble was over farmer jack was wiping the sweat off his face and realized that his young son saw it all. So he was thinking ahh shit now he's gonna have alot of questions and I am gonna have to tell him about the birds and the bees. so when he gets in the house and his son said nothing he didn't ask anything so Jack decided to say something so he was like "son do you have anything to ask about what happened out there?" and Johnny was like "no,well I have one guestion " Jack was confused so he asked "well, what that son?" And johnny said "How fast do you think the other cow was running?"

funniness: 4.19

rating: G